It’s Time to Keep an Eye Out for Motorcycles

Oh no, where did that motorcycle come from?!

Spring has finally sprung in New Brunswick. It’s critical that drivers recognize that motorcycles and scooters will soon be back on the road in order to make the proper adjustments to their driving habits.

A motorcycle or scooter takes up a very small part of our field of vision – vision that’s already crowded by other cars, pedestrians, and more. It’s easy to miss a motorcycle with all those other distractions around us, but it’s critically important that drivers pay special attention.

One of the most dangerous situations (and a major cause of accidents) for motorcyclists is when a car is turning left against oncoming traffic. The car driver turns without noticing the motorcycle coming in the opposite direction, and consequently collides with the motorcycle. Even at city speeds, that kind of collision can result in serious injury or the death of the motorcyclist. Drivers should be especially careful and double-check the oncoming lane before turning left.

We also encourage motorcyclists to be cautious at the start of the season. Ride defensively and give drivers time to see you. Roads are still full of gravel and potholes so take particular care when entering turns. And of course, always wear proper gear including a CE-approved helmet and clothing!

Be safe out there!

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