Get to Know the newest Fidelis lawyer: Marie-Eve Nowlan


Our newest lawyer, Marie-Eve Nowlan, was admitted to the New Brunswick Bar on June 15, 2021, after completing a year of articling with Fidelis Law. Get to know Marie-Eve and her passion for the law with this Q&A:

Q: When did you know that you wanted to be a lawyer? 

A: I was very young when I knew, even before high school. My parents say that when I was little, I loved to debate with everyone and play devil’s advocate. They would tell me that I would be a good lawyer, even before I knew what that meant. Then as I got older I became interested in the law and politics, and how laws are made and implemented. So I did my undergraduate degree in political science with a minor in criminology, but I always knew that Law School would come after. 


Q: Why did you choose to practice in personal injury law? 

A: When it was time to look for an articling position, I knew about personal injury law, because I myself was in a car accident when I was younger. It had an impact on my life, and I consulted a lawyer at the time. I knew I benefited from a personal injury lawyer, so by practicing in the field, I could in turn help people who experienced an accident and are suffering from an injury. I also became interested in long term disability law through my work here. It’s horrible to see how many people are ignored by their insurance companies and it’s gratifying to know that we can help them get the compensation they deserve. 


Q: Why do you enjoy working at Fidelis Law? 

A: For me, it’s the human element at Fidelis that makes it so special. Everyone is treated equally, and our clients are treated like humans too, not just a number. We are like a family, and we care for our clients like our family as well. To me, Fidelis feels like home and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. 


Q: Now that you’ve achieved this tremendous life goal, what’s next for you? 

Definitely getting more involved in my community. I was involved when I was in University, because there were so many opportunities through the Université de Moncton, like the Pro Bono students association. When I started my articleship, I missed doing volunteer work so in September I joined the Board of Directors for the Fédération des jeunes Francophone du Nouveau-Brunswick, and more recently I joined the Board of Directors for Atlantic Wellness, an organization that provides mental health support for young people in the Greater Moncton Area. Eventually there will be more opportunities too, and I’m excited to give more to my community, especially with my legal expertise now that I am a practicing lawyer. That is my next goal – continue excelling at Fidelis and working hard for our clients, but also give back to our community in whatever way I can. 


A: What is your passion outside of work? 

I’m someone who loves my work. The law really is my passion, and everything that is tied to the law. It’s related to politics, something that I love to follow and debate. It’s related to human rights, social rights, and social services. It’s related to our communities in general, and the rights of everyone who lives here. So that is definitely my passion, and I can accomplish a lot in that space through my work at Fidelis and the organizations that I volunteer with. 


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