Have you been injured in an accident and require immediate medical treatments? Are you unable to work as a result of the accident?

Did you know that benefits are available immediately to you regardless of who was at fault in the accident? They’re called “No-fault accident benefits” or “Section B” benefits.

Section B benefits are included in every motor vehicle insurance policy in New Brunswick. They cover everybody who has been injured in a motor vehicle, including passengers and pedestrians, no matter who caused the accident.

For example, Section B benefits can cover things like:

  • Loss of income, to a maximum of $250 per week
  • Medical treatments prescribed by your doctor, including physiotherapy, massage therapy, psychologists, and more.
  • Reimbursement for the money it costs to travel to and from treatments
  • Any prescription medications required due to the accident

What’s the catch? These benefits are not automatic. There are certain things you have to do to receive them.

  • First, to make a Section B claim, you have to tell your insurance company about the accident as soon as possible.
  • Once you’ve done that, they will ask you to submit additional information to support your claim. They may also ask you to see a specific doctor who will report back to them.
  • What happens next? Most of the time, everything goes smoothly and you can start collecting benefits within 30 days.

But sometimes, the insurance company doesn’t hold up their end of the deal. They may refuse to pay or suddenly stop paying, or they may bully you for information they already have or try to dictate who you should see for treatments.

That’s where Fidelis comes in. The insurance adjuster appointed to your claim is not a doctor and doesn’t have the ability to tell you to return to work or stop certain medical treatments. Don’t let yourself be pressured. If you aren’t getting the benefits you’re entitled to, call Fidelis for a free consultation.