Property damage can be not only a major annoyance, but also very expensive. Whether it’s fire or flooding, theft, or sewer backups – it can take a lot of time and money to get everything cleaned up and repaired, or even replaced.

Property insurance tends to be very customized from one policy to the next, with a whole menu of coverage options to choose from, but here are some general steps to follow if you have to make a claim:

Preserve the property

You have a duty to prevent further damage to the property until damage is repaired. For example, if a window is broken, you have to cover it up to prevent rain and snow from causing more damage. The cost of those temporary repairs (like plastic film and sheathing tape, in that example) can be reimbursed in your insurance claim. If you don’t take steps to prevent more damage, that “new” damage won’t be covered by insurance.

Notify insurance

Property insurance policies can vary a lot, with many optional types of coverage for things like ice, sewer backups, fire, flooding, and more. Be sure to carefully read your insurance policy documents, or contact a lawyer for advice.

Contact a lawyer

Because property insurance policies vary so much, it can be hard to find good advice on your own by looking online or elsewhere. Something that worked for one person may not work at all for someone else. A lawyer with experience in insurance contracts will greatly improve your chances of reaching a successful outcome with your insurance claim. If you have questions about your claim, contact us for a consultation.

What our clients say

I was an avid cyclist, loved my daily zen, enjoyed gardening, snow shoeing, walking, ATVing, and much more. After being cut off while cycling my daily bouts of physical activity ceased, due to a back injury caused by the collision. I sought medical attention and was referred to a variety of professionals, none of which really helped. 

Several months after the accident my pain was worsening. Fearing I would not recover, I contacted a lawyer, Justin Robichaud.

From the moment I met Mr. Robichaud he was professional and empathetic. He was honest, understanding and provided great guidance. With my condition worsening, he connected me with a specialist who helped me, and continues to help me, on my road to recovery. It has been nearly five years since my accident and I continue to regain my life, slowly resuming daily activities and physical activity.

Mr. Robichaud and his team listen. They are understanding. They return phone calls and emails, including on evenings and weekends. I highly recommend Fidelis Law and the team working with Mr. Robichaud!