As explained at question 3, the policy indicates the definition of “total disability” or “totally disabled”. You must keep in mind that the definition may change after a specific amount of time. 
Most long-term disability Insurance policies set out two tests the “own occupation test” and “any occupation test”. Generally, the first 24 months the "Own Occupation Test" is applicable, and after the first 24 months the “any occupation test” applies. 

Therefore, during the first 24 months, even if you can return to another occupation, you will most likely still qualify for benefits. After the first 24 months, if you are able to perform another occupation for which you are reasonably qualified, or could become qualified for, by reason of education, training or experience, the benefits will most likely stop. 

However, some long-term disability insurance policies provide for an own occupation test until the termination age. Some long-term disability insurance policies have an “any occupation test” that commences after 18 months or from the first day you are entitled to claim for long-term disability insurance. 
Again, the policy is very important and has to be examined in order to answer this question.