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I was an avid cyclist, loved my daily zen, enjoyed gardening, snow shoeing, walking, ATVing, and much more. After being cut off while cycling my daily bouts of physical activity ceased, due to a back injury caused by the collision. I sought medical attention and was referred to a variety of professionals, none of which really helped. 

Several months after the accident my pain was worsening. Fearing I would not recover, I contacted a lawyer, Justin Robichaud.

From the moment I met Mr. Robichaud he was professional and empathetic. He was honest, understanding and provided great guidance. With my condition worsening, he connected me with a specialist who helped me, and continues to help me, on my road to recovery. It has been nearly five years since my accident and I continue to regain my life, slowly resuming daily activities and physical activity.

Mr. Robichaud and his team listen. They are understanding. They return phone calls and emails, including on evenings and weekends. I highly recommend Fidelis Law and the team working with Mr. Robichaud!


Frequently Asked Questions

Motorists know most of the rules when it comes to sharing the road with cyclists, but sometimes drivers are faced with a less common situation they’re unsure how to navigate. These situations are doubly dangerous for cyclists caught in the middle. Here are some tips on sharing the road with our pedal-powered friends:

Oh no, where did that motorcycle come from?!

Spring has finally sprung in New Brunswick. It’s critical that drivers recognize that motorcycles and scooters will soon be back on the road in order to make the proper adjustments to their driving habits.

Our legal team have developed a handy infographic outlining the key steps you should follow after a car accident. Some of these are time-sensitive, so if you have any questions or would like help with this process please contact us for a free consultation.

What to do after a car accident
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Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a confusing, difficult or even scary situation regardless of the circumstances surrounding the accident. If you were a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in an accident, it can be even more confusing determining who is at fault and how you can be compensated for your loss.


With the arrival of spring also comes good weather. People take to the streets to walk, run, cycle, rollerskate and skateboard. However, it can be difficult for all of these people to share the road with motorists. A collision can occur unexpectedly.

Did you know that if this happens to you, you are also protected as a pedestrian or cyclist, just as if you are driving a motor vehicle? Car insurance policies in New Brunswick compensate you for all types of motor vehicle accidents.

This is the time of year when many people go on vacation to escape the snow and cold. You may end up deciding to rent a car during your vacation, and if you do, the rental company will try to sell you insurance coverage. Do you need that extra coverage? Maybe not.