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Don’t let the insurance company’s doctors tell you you’re not hurt

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A few days ago, The Globe & Mail published a detailed investigation on medical professionals hired by insurance companies to perform medical reports. Some highlights from the article:

“Legitimately injured accident victims caught in the middle are the most profoundly affected, and report being shocked and devastated or at least baffled when doctors for hire conclude they are not seriously hurt. Sometimes their injuries get worse, instead of better, as they go months or years without adequate, goal-oriented treatment.”

“Normally, when doctors treat patients, the law says they owe them a “duty of care.” Not so with these assessments. IMEs (Independent Medical Evaluations) are done outside those rules, so the doctors are beholden to whoever hires them, not the accident victims they assess.”

“Some legitimately injured accident victims suffer and deteriorate for years without money for proper treatment, while insurers send them to a merry-go-round of doctors, all well paid to keep challenging them on whether they are really injured.”

We see this type of situation all too often – accident victims consult with these experts hired by the insurance company, but the medical reports are inaccurate or biased against the victim. The insurance company is not your friend. Many accident victims get their insurance claim reduced – or even denied – because of unfair medical reports. Contact us for a free consultation to make sure they hear your side of the story.

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