2 06, 2020

Moncton Hospital Oxytocin Lawsuit Continues to Grow

2020-06-19T18:19:46+00:00In the News|

The number of alleged victims of a Moncton nurse's inappropriate treatment is growing. The Horizon Health Network has publicly confirmed there were "at least two" pregnant women who had to receive emergency intervention after receiving the labour-inducing drug oxytocin (Pitocin) [...]

2 06, 2020

Fidelis Law Droit gives back to their Alma Mater

2020-06-22T15:52:04+00:00In the News|

Fidelis Law Droit was recently recognized for its contribution of $25,000 to the Université de Moncton's financing campaign, Évolution. Mathieu Picard, partner at Fidelis Law Droit explains that "Giving back to our alma mater is a top priority for us. [...]

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