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Motor Vehicle Act

Whether you are a driver, cyclist, or pedestrian, the Motor Vehicle Act covers the rights and obligations of everyone that uses our roadways.  The Act deals with many … Read More

Law Reform Act

Accidents and falls can happen at any time. Of course, they may be the result of our own carelessness, but often an injury is caused … Read More

Local Governance Act

Have you been injured on municipal property?  Did you slip and fall on a sidewalk or trip and fall in a hockey arena?  If so, … Read More

Employment Standards Act

If you work in New Brunswick, you have rights that are protected by law. The Employment Standards Act establishes minimum employment standards that most employers and … Read More

Contributory Negligence Act

What happens when an accident is caused by more than one person? Who is at fault, and who compensates for the damages? The Contributory Negligence Act … Read More

Occupational Health and Safety Act

When you are involved in an accident at work, WorkSafe NB and other similar provincial workers’ compensation programs are designed to replace your wages and … Read More

Insurance Act

In order to protect their house, their vehicle, themselves, or their families, people buy insurance to cover their losses when disaster strikes. The purpose of … Read More

Human Rights Act

Individuals who have been injured in an accident can sometimes become victims of discrimination from their employer.  The Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on physical … Read More

Tortfeasor Act

Sometimes several people are involved in a road accident or a fall. The Tortfeasor Act provides an opportunity for a person who has suffered harm at … Read More