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Jocelyne is originally from Dieppe, New Brunswick. A true Potterhead, she enjoys reading her favourite series now and then as well as all other kinds of fiction, curling up with her cat, Kingsley, and her dog, Ginny. After completing her studies to become a Paralegal at Oulton College, she joined Fidelis.

Assisting Mathieu Picard in his practice, Jocelyne is responsible for advancing client files, preparing all case-related documentation, and reporting on claims’ progress to all parties involved. Jocelyne is a skilled Paralegal, and her determination and strong work ethic make her an important asset to the entire team at Fidelis. 

When not at work, Jocelyne leads an active social life. She enjoys spending time with friends, exploring new places, cooking, and staying active. She is passionate about horse-back riding and loves nothing more than riding and caring for horses whenever she can.

  • Paralegal diploma – Oulton College
  • Socializing with friends and family
  • Horseback riding
  • Staying active
  • French and English
Jocelyne Bourque, Fidelis Law Droit Paralegal

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